Thursday, 12 April 2012

Spring and New Growth

Now, this is interesting and so very opportune! This image was taken from my facebook page, so sadly, I do not know its' author. I took it from a collection that I have, but I am unable to see the pic I am choosing-just the number, code...So, here is the choice of the day and perhaps of the beginning of this pregnant season. I look at all the plants and trees bursting forth and then I try to imagine the landscapes of the summer-just for fun, not neurosis! What will this spring-summer chapter bring to each one of us and then, to the world? Everything is truly changing, swirling, morphing and the only thing that can still us in all this is choice; choice to be still, silent, unavailable. Choice to disappear on a wooded path that noone else knows about...To be delicious! I have taken to a new pattern of behaviour which has been largely caused by the plethora of gadgets and instruments of communication...Sometimes, when I rest in the afternoon, I will wake up around 4 and listen to my immediate environment. When it is absolutely quiet, I will often decide that I wish to keep it that way. I want no " input" of any sort-radio, television, phone, computer, then onto food and drink. Just to give my brave stomach some sustenance for the prolonged night's sustenance, I will eat a banana and have a glass of water...Even my body does not want to deal with clanging of dinner's preparations...Quiet, quiet quiet..." Perchance to dream"! Then, it's on to a mini vision quest where worlds and stories can unfold. I want to be with my imagination, my unconscious, my body and with the natural world outside my window.

So, in conclusion, I will encourage anyone here to look at this giant foot print going in a direction all its own in a universe that is so much bigger and still. You will enjoy it. Your body will have a chance to digest life's events and rest. Dreams, so often put on hold, will race by you or with you. And you, you will have had a life entirely your own and perhaps this is the very first step of creation....

Friday, 24 February 2012

So Much Silence

Happy New Year, warm Imbolc, sweet Valentine's Day and thoughtful Lent!

I am so so sorry for this incredible silence, but, given the rapidity and magnitude of change and events in my life's journey, I know that you will understand. And something tells me that you will be very sympathetic! I do pray for everyone's wellbeing here and please feel free to share anything here...For the past week or so, I have been reeling from the dubious news that my feisty brain tumour is showing signs of re-growth...Instead of a box of chocolates on Valentine's, I got a cautious call from my neurosurgeon's nurse announcing that Spring had sprung early in my head...Well, I always knew that my brain was safe and securely planted in fertile soil...How will I address this in coming weeks, I am not certain...Hopefully, with aplomb and some humour! However, the waves of emotion have been so big and frequent even before this news....I am riding the surfboard of revelations, sentiments, memories on the swells and undertows of deep reflexion and day to day events...How about all of you? Let me hear from you before I go on and on....Because, as always, I have much to say and share, but I do not wish to senselessly harp on and on as if I were in an echo chamber...In the meantime, I send you all my love and good thoughts as my little tumour waves its' sprout "Hello".

The image I have chosen is very recent...And it reminds me of when I first went through the "Brain Trip" 4 years ago. When I was consulting my doctor and he showed me an image of my brain from the MRI, I exclaimed, " Why, it looks exactly like an opened walnut!" The resemblance was exact...This collage is entitled " From Little Walnuts".

Saturday, 1 October 2011

It Has Been Awhile!

Good day my dear friends!!

And warmest of welcomes to my newest followers!! Wooppeeee!

What a roller-coaster ride since I last sent up a smoke signal.I have been caught up in class preparations and that wonderful event took place last week. And now, I have been enthralled and busy cheering on the mass movement taking place daily in New York and elsewhere. Of course, I seem to be encouraging such movement here in the UK, but it can be slower and demonstrations of outright anger and indignation are slow to take hold. But, they do...

So many thoughts and emotions spin my way and I am trying to stay in one healthy place.It is so hard sometimes and thank goodness for my art and communiques from friends like yourselves and for the Natural World!!I have so much to say, but then silence invites so much as well and I am sure that you must be tired of words being thrown at you. So, I will post images as a change and hope that you will find some refreshment from that. In the meantime, I send each and every one of you good thoughts and warm light in these autumn days!!!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Summer Full of Lumps and Bumps

Hello everyone!
It has been such a long period and, I don't know about you, but I have been gasping for air as changes incessantly roll in like the moon's tides. And, of course, there is more to come and continue. I believe that concentrating one's energies on one or two projects is the most that I can do well and, when there is a storm surge of reaction and high-octane emotion, I go for a walk or go to rest and swim in my internal world.

I would like to offer you two images done this summer that may provide you with quiet and support. They are not an attempt to show you how clever or sensitive I am nor what artistic inroads I have made. In these past 2 months, I have learned that I get tired of other artists trying to advertise their talents and recent works-not that they don't need to. They do, but it reflects a very old and out-of-date communication. I do not know what the solution will be, but I pray that it is cooperative and leads to the kind of changes we each envisage. Anyway, the titles of these images are " In Quiet Awe" and " Celestial Guidance". May each one of you find solace, repose and gentle reassurance. Bless you all.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Just A Note For Anyone In Britain

Why is it that Nature's rights have to be fought for as opposed to respected? Are we not alive and able to thrive because it exists? Is there not a balance to maintain? Is there not a single intelligence which recognizes that without her resources and their proper support we cannot survive and that economies, be they from the West or East, cannot survive? Leave her alone, that is what the badgers say and that is what I say!

If you do live here in the UK, please support any wildlife organisation or movement calling for a useless ban on badger culling. Many thanks!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

whisps of vision: To "Nay" Sayers

whisps of vision: To "Nay" Sayers: "Good morning all! It is a very soggy morning here in the UK, but it is so helpful for writing. Like so many, I have been caught up in th..."

To "Nay" Sayers

Good morning all!

It is a very soggy morning here in the UK, but it is so helpful for writing. Like so many, I have been caught up in the winds and cycles of change as well as beginning to organize my first class that I feel as if I've stepped onto a fast-moving escalator with only my prayers and visions to cling to. Please feel free to share your experiences if you wish. Like a wild animal, I see myself slinking into quiet tall grass that gently covers my visionary tracks and simply disappearing into my own wilds. If I did not have my craft to return to, I really do not know what would become of me...A helium-filled balloon released in a tiny, cluttered room?!

Hence, this interaction I had the other day which weighed very heavily and sounded all too familiar. In the morning, I walked into my usual charity shop and was greeted by a very cheerful acquaintance I had gotten to know over the past year. I felt safe and appreciated, so I showed her the flyer for my upcoming class in September. I was greeted by a laugh, a shaking head and a repetitive and loud " No"," No". With each no, I felt the door of my opening to her close very aggressively and I became quiet as the sting sank deeply in my chest and consciousness. Of course, she was of certain generation and background and that an appreciation of my symbolic and otherwordly work would be an aching reach for her, but to hear "No". WoW! I felt my forehead harden and rounded horns poke through flesh and the instinct to charge over her words waved into and over me.Noone tells me "NO" now-not even myself!

As a result, I knew then that I could not openly share my visions with her, but that I would continue more determined than ever to share my work and its' inspiration with other travellers seeking visionary waters and nourishment. In the past, I would have shut down altogether and hidden my images in dry, dark trunks.But the locks are very rusty and the keys either lost or bent so that they no longer fit. I will continue to follow in my own footsteps and you are most welcome to join me should our paths cross. With love...